Ayatori plugs into smartphone, lets you communicate through light

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Light has been a medium of communication since ages. With an idea to bring the same mode of communication to the smartphone crazy world, Japanese firm Vinclu has launched an Indiegogo campaign for AYATORI – light communication appcessory (combination of words app and accessory). Ayatori is a smartphone accessory, which uses romantic light and internet to allow user to communicate their feeling to each other without words.

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The Ayatori plugs into the smartphone via earphone jack, and opens for the user a whole new world of communication with light courtesy its free app. Vinclu will develop three Ayatori apps – Ayatori Match, Ayatori Live and Ayatori Pair. Currently the apps are being developed for iOS, but it will be available for Android and Windows too.

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Using the Match app, Ayatori lights up when you pass someone with same interests as yours. Say, you’re in a party with no companion; the Ayatori can help you locate someone with interest similar to yours – it could be the first step to an interaction. Live event app extends capability of the smartphone making it a device you can play with in events. Connecting the Ayatori enabled smartphone with a controller managed by an artist, you can show your phone to creating lighting entertainment. Finally with Ayatori Pair app, users can send non-verbal messages to each other, across distances, using romantic lights.

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