Dirt cheap 3D printed microscope for your smartphone has 1000x zoom!

3D printed microscope for your smartphone by PNNL

So, how do you turn your smartphone or tablet into a high quality microscope capable of 100x, 350x or 1000x zoom levels? You get hold of a 3D printer and glass spheres that are dirt cheap. That is exactly what Rebecca Erikson from the U.S. Department of Energy’s PNNL (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) has done. This inexpensive and practical way to turn your mobile device(s) into high powered microscope is truly amazing and gives us one more reason to rejoice the invention called smartphone.

All you have to do is download the files provided by PNNL to 3D print the housing for the micro glass beads that turn your smartphone or tablet into an astonishing microscopic machine and can look into the microscopic level of vision. The housing in no thicker than a smartphone or tablet case and easily fits onto any design by following the 3D printing files that are free of cost on PNNL’s website.

3D printed microscope for your smartphone by PNNL

Rebecca Erikson said

We believe it can fill a need for professional first responders, and also for teachers and students in the classroom, health workers and anyone who just wants an inexpensive microscope readily available.

This amazing DIY project is a practical solution and beats all those expensive accessories that claim to turn your smartphone into a microscope. For example the $149 worth ProScope Micro Mobile or Microscope and Note Detector priced at $36 stand no chance when compared to this solution!

3D printed microscope for your smartphone by PNNL

Source: PNNL



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