Apple files patent for ultra-clear noise cancellation technology

Apple Bone conduction technology for noise reduction

Apple has filed a patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for “System and method of mixing accelerometer and microphone signals to improve voice quality in a mobile device”. This patent is for improving the voice quality of iPhone calls by fitting accelerometers that detect vocal chord vibrations through the person’s skull when they speak, thereby eliminating any non-vocal noise and ambient vibrations. To do this the output signal is measured and the accelerometer-based voice activity detector (VAD) does the trick of delivering crystal clear vocal sound to the listener.

Apple Bone conduction technology for noise reduction

Apple plans to install front-facing and rear facing microphones in one single earbud to detect the vibration. While on the other end, the microphone monitors the acoustic signal of user’s voice. For the noise cancelling procedure, the device recognizes voiced and unvoiced speech and conditions the accelerometer VAD signals to levels equal to microphone output. To eliminate any errors in the voice pickup, the device compares signals and applies accurate assessment for the final signal to output noise reduction voice that is amazingly audible.

Apple Bone conduction technology for noise reduction

Source: AppleInsider



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