3D Pocketcopter – World’s smallest flying camera targeted for everyone

3D Pocketcopter flying camera

Quadcopter and drones are definitely a good way to capture some really amazing perspective shots. But, do they come cheap? Moreover, they require a lot of care while flying because one wrong move and they come tumbling down to the ground. So what’s the next best solution to this problem? Well, reduce the size of the flying machine, only so much that is can take amazing photographs and shoot HD videos. 3D Pocketcopter is that flying machine which has set Indiegogo, crowd-funding platform on fire with 705% more funding that the minimum funding amount required.

Deemed as the world’s smallest flying camera, it has two rotor fan, one on top of the other for balanced and quitter flight. 3D Pocketcopter can shoot HD videos and photos from a vertical distance of 10 meters without any fuzz. This pocket helicopter is so small (measuring 19 cm by 4.5 cm) that you can carry it in your pocket to a picnic, photo-shoot or office too.

3D Pocketcopter flying camera

The Pocketcopter is powered by a 12V rechargeable battery and you can control its flight path using Android, Windows or iOS mobile devices over a WiFi connection or with Bluetooth connectivity. When using with WiFi, if Pocketcopter loses connectivity then it automatically floats to the ground for a safe landing. This small little UAV can fly in the air for 25 minutes on one full charge and its camera lasts for 6 hours in one charge.

3D Pocketcopter flying camera

Since it will be funded on Indiegogo platform, therefore we can expect to see it in three color options – blue, yellow and black. The flying camera will be delivered to all the backers who pledged 25 Euros or more on Indiegogo by April 2015. However, the commercially available Pocketcopter will be costing more than that. If you are impressed with this amazing project then you can pledge right away to get it at a discounted price.

3D Pocketcopter flying camera

Source: PocketCopter



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