Pi-Top is 3D printed Raspberry Pi laptop you can build yourself

3D Printed Raspberry-Pi-Laptop

If you love tinkering with the Raspberry Pi Computer, and fancy 3D printing your own things, then the Pi-Top laptop is just for you. The Pi-Top is brainchild of five Londoners – a team that offers this as your little guide to developing a Raspberry Pi laptop (yes that’s right) using 3D printing. Billed as world’s first 3D printed laptop, the Pi-Top comes with a 13.3 inch TFT LED backlight display supporting 1366 × 768 resolution. The Raspberry Pi laptop runs Rasbian Operating System and its casing can be 3D printed in about 160 hours with 0.2mm layers and 30% infill.

The Pi-Top laptop features Wi-Fi for connectivity, a full-fledged keyboard and packs 6-8 hour battery life. Interestingly, the laptop has a sliding clear panel, which provides easy access to the Raspberry Pi board, without the need to unscrew the laptop. The creators plan to make Pi-Top kits available through a Kickstarter campaign.

The team will provide kits with complete guide (detailed instructions) on how to build the laptop. If crowdfunding is successful, the team plans to provide actual laptop kits with pre-fabricated shell, and an option for customers to 3D print their own design.

3D Printed Raspberry-Pi-Laptop build

Via: 3DPrint/Geeky-Gadgets



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