Octobot looks surprisingly real as it swims in the Mediterranean Sea

Octobot underwater robot

We, human as innovators have always tried to take inspiration from nature and sometimes completely emulate the creatures for some functionality. The same is true for robotic creatures that we have been accustomed to seeing. This time around researchers have managed to imitate one of the most intelligent underwater creature, the octopus. D. Tsakiris from the Institute of Computer Science, FORTH (Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas) in Heraklion, Greece and his team have managed to make a robotic Octopus vulgaris, dubbed Octobot which has silicone arms and attached web that propels it like a real creature in the water.

The robot looks so real as it moves forward in the water that you’ll be fooled to mistake it is a real octopus. Even the fishes swimming in the waters of Mediterranean could’nt identify this robotic creature and started following it, just like the fishes do for a real Octopus vulgaris.

Octobot can travel at a speed of 180 millimeters per second in the water, all thanks to its web that provides it the required thrust to move forward without dissipating much energy. According to Tsakiris, the main aim of this robot is to observe marine ecosystems for a better understanding of underwater life.

Source: PaperCept Via: ScienceNews



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