Battery powered Flame Base Layer will keep you warm in winters

Flame Base Layer by FuelWear

Not everyone enjoys the winter season, especially because one have to gear up with heavy layers of clothing to beat the cold of the freezing season. Not anymore, as Toronto-based start-up FuelWear have developed the first intelligent heated base layer that will keep you warm during the harsh and chilly winters. Called the Flame Base Layer, the fully black washable layer is made from an ultra-comfortable bamboo fabric. The intelligent heating system provides warmth to the wearer when it senses that his body is cold and automatically turns off, once the wearer is fully warmed up.

There are three red heating panels integrated into the fabric, two of which are in the back of the shirt and one in the front. They promotes blood circulation and keeps the torso of the wearer warm. Equipped with features such as smart temperature sensing, full wash-ability and battery level indicator, the Flame Base Layer also comes with moisture-wicking and anti-odour capabilities. Currently, the prototype have been created for men only but a female prototype will be built soon.

Flame Base Layer by FuelWear has successfully raised twice the amount of the funding goal of $20,000 on Indiegogo. The shirt will come with a retail price of $250, however you can pre-order right now for a discounted price of $150.



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