EnerFusion Solar Power-Dok charges your gadgets while outdoors

EnerFusion Solar Power-Dok picnic table

The race for developing self-sustainable eco-friendly gadgets, and the methods to power-up these gadgets has led to many good ideas. In the same league is this Solar Power-Dok picnic table/workstation by EnerFusion made in partnership with Sprint Corporation. The table has an umbrella like contraption on top which holds the solar panels and is located in Lansing City Market, downtown Lansing, Michigan. There is one 100 watt solar panel and three 45 watt solar panels that generate a total power of 235 watt to power-up your gadgets like smartphone, tablet, portable MP3 player etc. out in the sun while you enjoy a cold chilled beer while spending time with pals.

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The EnerFusion Solar Power-Dok picnic table has integrated Sprint 4G LTE WiFi Hotspot, so that you can surf internet while your gadget(s) are being juiced up. There are four GFCI outlets and four USB power outlets for charging phones, tablets or laptops.

EnerFusion Solar Power-Dok picnic table

J. Peter Lark, BWL (Lansing Board of Water & Light) chairman, said

If you’re just sitting around having lunch, and your phone’s running a little low, why not just plug it in as I have just done. This is a symbol of what we’re all about. I like to think that we lead the state for utilities in the area of renewable energy, particularly in solar.

Source: EnerFusion Via: MLive



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