World’s first live concert with 3D printed instruments held in Sweden

World’s First 3D Printed Live Concert

World’s First 3D Printed Live Concert

Olaf Diegel, a professor at Lund University in Sweden is a well-known figure when it comes to the creation of 3D printed musical instruments. His 3D printing work includes guitars, a keyboard, drum kits and recently he has completed the very first 3D printed saxophone. However, his work isn’t limited to construction process of these unique musical instruments, recently he produced the world’s first musical concert that was performed using 3D printed musical instruments. Featuring band members from the University’s Malmö Academy of Music, the concert took place at the Lund University.

Two electric guitars, a drum set and a keyboard were used by the band which were 3D printed by Diegel himself. Through the medium of music, he hopes to open up the eyes of people associated with other fields too. The performance by the band was worth applauding but the beautifully complex designs and high quality sound of the instruments played a part in making the concert a success. One of the electric guitars depicts the design of the American flag with Statue of Liberty and other iconic landmarks incorporated into the design. The keyboard is integrated with a white floral pattern.

World’s First 3D Printed Live Concert

3D Printed Guitar

World’s First 3D Printed Live Concert

3D Printed Drum set

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