Suitsy – One piece business suit zips up for that classy look

Suitsy business suit by Jesse Herzog

Jesse Herzog, a real estate expert who has worked with a San Francisco, CA firm for the past 10 years has got into the habit of being well-dressed in a business suit for meeting clients and influential people in the city. This prompted him to come up with the idea of making a business suit that is easy to wear and doesn’t require you to stand in front of the mirror for long durations. He calls it the Suitsy and thinks that this piece of modern clothing will revolutionize the apparels market, simply due to the ease with which you can wear it.

You can wear Suitsy for any kind of occasion and even though you’ll look sophisticated from the outside, from the inside you’ll feel as though you are wearing comfortable pajamas. This business suit is a one complete attire that has connected shirt, jacket and pants with a zipper hidden behind that dresses you up for any occasion. You just have to zip-up and you are ready in a few seconds.

The suit has well disguised collars, shirt cuffs and it only takes around 5 seconds to zip-up and shoot off to a party. So, what do you think about Suitsy?

Suitsy business suit by Jesse Herzog



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