Sony ICD-TX650 voice recorder is must have for media personnel

Sony ICD-TX650 voice recorder for press

Sony has released a digital voice recorder with superb audio quality of recordings, specifically targeted for modern business professionals. Sony ICD-TX650 is ultra-lightweight and thin so that you can carry it anywhere with you like in business meetings, conferences or anywhere else where you need to record quality vocal audio and process it later on. The audio voice recorder is equipped with Stereo Emphasis function that allows for a very realistic and deep voice recording to identify the position of the voice while recording. For example if there are multiple people having a conference in a conference room then the digital audio recorder records the voice in such a manner that it is clearly identifiable from which corner of the room voice was coming. The device has built-in speakers so that audio can be played back to check for the quality of recording.

Sony ICD-TX650 voice recorder has one button recording function to initiate recordings in a jiffy, especially useful for people in the media who need to record an interview or conversation at moment’s notice. The small little gadget can start recording even if it is off and can be preset to start recording after the designated time.

Sony ICD-TX650 voice recorder for press

Standout features:

  • Digital pitch control enables altering the playback speed without changing the natural pitch of voice
  • Easy search feature allows one to fast-forward or rewound the audio for a fixed number of seconds
  • You can select the recording modes depending on the environment from amongst Shirt, Pocket, Meeting, Lecture, Voice Notes, Interview or customized Scene 1 and Scene 2
  • Noise Cut feature for clear voice even in the most chaotic environments

Sony ICD-TX650 voice recorder for press

Sony ICD-TX650 weighs only 29 grams and has dimensions measuring 20 x 102 x 7.4 mm. It has 16 GB space to store all your recordings and has a lithium-ion battery which provides 15 hours of recording. Supported formats with Sony ICD-TX650 include MP3, AAC, WMA and WAV.

The device is all set to be released in select Sony stores in mid-October 2014 for a price tag of 16,00 Yen ( USD $146)

Source: PressRelease



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