Nixie – A wearable quadcopter on your wrist !

Drone Nixie Flyable & Wearable Camera quadcopter

Quadcopters and drones have captured our imagination, giving birth to new perspectives in which one can shoot videos and click aerial pictures. On the other end of the rope wearable technology is also going great guns with innovators coming up with some really cool stuff. But, I got to admit it, this project by team Nixie in the Intel Make it Wearable Challenge is simply awesome. Envisioned by Christoph Kohstall and his team, the Nixie – Flyable & Wearable Camera is a new way to amalgamate wearable technology and quadcopters. This surreal quadcopter equipped with a camera sits on your wrist like a wristband and when the moment arrives you can set it free to capture the action.

This ingenious design allows you to take selfie videos and pictures amidst intense action where you are alone and nobody is around. For example if you are going to perform a skateboard stunt, all you have to do is perform a specific gesture and the Nixie quadcopter flies right off your wrist and captures you in action.

The quadcopter is equipped with various modes that allow it to be pre-programmed to follow you, shoot a video or picture and flay back to your like a boomerang or take aerial shots of nearby locations. The team is working on the prototype version to fine tune its functionality and design it in such a way that it fits the wrist comfortably and when the need arises, morphs into a quadcopter to capture your priceless moments.

Drone Nixie Flyable & Wearable Camera quadcopter

This is one strong contender to win the challenge which has grand prize of $500,000 for development of the prototype version. The winner will be announced on November 3, till then you can enjoy this cool little folding quadcopter in videos and pictures.

Drone Nixie Flyable & Wearable Camera quadcopter

Drone Nixie Flyable & Wearable Camera quadcopter

Drone Nixie Flyable & Wearable Camera quadcopter

Drone Nixie Flyable & Wearable Camera quadcopter

Source: Intel



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