SlyingShot – shock cancelling glove that prevents overuse injuries in tennis


Tennis is one of the most popular racket sports played around the world. There are a high number of competitive tennis tournaments, which lead to overuse injuries in players. Musculoskeletal injuries such as tennis elbow and tendonitis are very common injuries due to overuse. These injuries are not only limited to professionals, even non-competitive tennis players in age group of 12-18, are prone to such injuries due to improper and inadequate training and technique. To help players (both armature and professionals) prevent receptive stress injuries in tennis, Tianyi Sun Design has developed SlyingShot – shock cancelling glove which stops overuse injuries from developing.

Stability of the wrist is most crucial in preventing tendonitis in the writs and elbow. The glove provides much needed stability and has sorbothane cushioning in the palm for a more relaxed grip that prevents vibration from a miss-hit to travel up the arm. Added padding on the palm helps ease grip tension.

The glove features rubber padding embedded with piezoelectric fibers, which stiffen upon receiving vibrations, and the vibration is absorbed by sorbothane cushioning resulting in a more balanced grip and support for the hand and wrist. The glove supports the wrist and in no way obstructs the player from playing fluently. There is no word on when the SlyingShot would make to the market, but there is no doubt that this glove can really help prevent stress related injuries that have become so common in many sports including tennis.




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