Chic-Robot Smart S1 personal mobility scooter stiffens competition for Segway

Chic-Robot Smart S1 personal mobility scooter

Personal mobility is going to be the future of transportation owing to its ease of portability and zero-emission qualities. Segway has been at the forefront of personal mobility and inspired many other manufacturer’s to come up with their versions of a solo upright positioned ride. But now, it is going to have some stiff competition from a very intuitively designed personal mobility vehicle by a Chinese manufacturer Chic-Robot. The personal electric scooter dubbed as Smart S1 is capable of going at a top speed of 10 km/h to a distance of 20 km on one charge and can also take on inclined pathways with 15 degree ascend or descend.

This personal mobility scooter has gyroscope control and a micro-controller that actuates the movement in any direction with foot gestures. Chic-Robot Smart S1 can carry a kid weighing 20 kg or an adult weighing 100 kg, making it a cool accessory to own. It is powered by a 36V Lithium-ion battery that makes it possible to ride the personal mobility scooter for long stints of use.

There is no word yet, as to when this personal mobility scooter is going to be available for purchase or the pricing. But we expect it to be in bracket of $800 – $1000 considering the features it has.

Chic-Robot Smart S1 personal mobility scooter

Chic-Robot Smart S1 personal mobility scooter

Chic-Robot Smart S1 personal mobility scooter



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