‘Anti-Shake Hands’ takes home Red Dot Design Concept Award 2014

Anti-Shake Hands takes home Red Dot Design Concept  Award 2014

For greater good of humanity, inventors and designers are coming out with desperately needed medical tools and therapies. Red Dot Design Awards celebrates and encourage such creators every year. This year, too, Red Dot as awarded the first prize to a much needed design; Anti-Shake Hands, which is an auxiliary medical instrument that offers physical therapy to alleviate the symptoms of shaking hands in people suffering with Parkinson’s disease.

Anti-Shake Hands takes home Red Dot Design Concept  Award 2014 2

This outstanding design was conceived by designer Yuan Youquan and Chen Peng. It’s like a bracelet and doesn’t appear to be medical tool at all. Rather, it a kind of jade bracelet thing. The design works on interaction force concept, and includes a smart chip that detects the frequency of shake and amplitude. The bracelet calculates the data and generates reaction force to produce offset balance. In simple words it generates a counter force to cancel the tremble in hands.

anti shake hand

People with Parkinson’s disease find it hard to use spoon, hold a cup of coffee or tea, or to hold a needle due to its characteristic symptom of trembling hands. That’ll be a great service to humanity. No doubt, this Anti-Shake Hand concept emerged as the winner among 4791 entries from more than 60 countires around the world.

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