Is Google really working on a Lego-like display?


Google X Labs is again, as per a report on WSJ claims, working on a project that wishes to make it possible to create a large display by joining multiple smaller units, which could be arranged in any manner like a puzzle game. That’s right. There aren’t any confirmed details regarding the project, but just a few hints. Still, it do sound like Google X lab think tank idea for the lab is already famous for its ultra futuristic technologies like Google Glasses, Driver-less car etc.

As the report suggests, the project is in its initial stage and there are lots of challenges to solve like how to stitch the screen neatly, so that there are no visible seams on the display. A great load of electronic is required to be included without disturbing the integrity of the display.

Well, it’s a curious question as to why someone would like to keep this display in pieces, unless each of them could be operated individually. For instance, when the family members need some private space for their media, each one of them could grab his/her piece of TV and enjoy the serenity of own private space.

Anyway, if not useful, it’s sure to become the center of attraction for the tech world. Trend is an instant catalyst for the electronic market. It could sell anything, and make people go crazy like ongoing iPhone frenzy.

Via: GizMag



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