Finally, James Glickenhaus acquires iconic 1970 Pininfarina Modulo

James Glickenhaus

Some car enthusiasts find immense pleasure in putting life to iconic vintage car models. Watching these old beauties on road again is an ensured classic experience. Some of them are given new engine and digital tech, while some cars are preserved in their original form. An eye tempting treat is on its way from renown car collector James Glickenhaus, who has acquired one of the legendary Ferrari models from 70’s; the iconic Modulo.


A note from James Glickenhaus to Road & Track magazine said:

Against long odds I’ve gotten Pininfarina to sell me Modulo, which we will awaken and make roadworthy as we did with Dino Competizione.

Modula was designed at Pininfarina by Polo Martin in 1970. It was built in 1968, but was revealed only after two years at Geneva Motor Show. It was like having a super-stylish dream car back then. Modulo features a 5 liter V12 engine. The design and proportions, both of them impressed the car enthusiasts.

James Glickenhaus ferrari modulo 2

James Glickenhaus ferrari modulo

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