Greater Than wearable flushes out negative thoughts from your mind

Greater Than wearable earpiece

Greater Than wearable earpiece relaxes your mind

These days everyone is plugged-in with their earphones and headphones to de-stress themselves from the tension seeping-in. With all the smart wearable technology around, somewhere the missing link was a smart earphone/headphone that automatically detects your brain signals to play the requisite music loops for relaxation. Greater Than is that very wearable gadget which has a built-in EEG sensor to measure the electrical singal coming from your brain. After the reading is done, the bone conducting speakers play back the musical loop (from many on-board) that puts you in a state of calm.

Let’s take an example, if you are feeling insomniac and longing for sleep then just put the wearable gadget designed like a greater than sign onto your ear and it will play ambient track that puts your brain in a meditative state and induces sleep before you even realize it. Or maybe when your boss is bugging you out, all you need to do is plug-in the accessory and you’ll be relieved from all the negative thoughts.

Greater Than wearable earpiece

The wearable gadget charger inductively

The wearable gizmo is still in concept stage and according to the designer, it is designed using rubber and aluminum for utmost ergonomic comfort. Code and Theory Director of Industrial Design, Geoff Baldwin added that the wearable is meant to be used for 15-20 minutes, at-most 30 minutes and not to be used like a normal headphone since it plays binaural music. This type of music can alter the electrical signals of the brain in a positive way but should not be listened to for very long intervals as it may cause brain damage.

Source: CodeAndTheory



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