CEATEC 2014: 16Lab unveils one-of-its-kind smart ring computer


CEATEC 2014 is here to feed the tech frenzy. The electronic event scheduled towards the end of the year serves as a platform for companies in the Far East to showcase products that they would bring amid us for Christmas or later. 16Lab is one name that has really amazed us on the first day of the event. The Japanese manufacturer has unveiled a working prototype of a ring-like wearable computing device, which would work as an e-wallet, alert tool, gesture controller and maybe a non-contact key.

When every other manufacturer is narrowing down on devising the next-gen smartwatch or wristband, this move from 16Labs comes as a real surprise. The titanium made ring-like computer would work wirelessly, and will come with extra secure features to tackle the ever increasing hacking issues. 16Labs is collaborating with some big names in the security industry to ensure their device is extremely secure when it hits the market.

The ring computer is going to be waterproof and will feature a custom-made lithium polymer battery so that it can have a good battery life. It will feature a touch sensor, pressing which the ring will be enabled. There is no word on pricing of the device yet, but we learn that it will be launched in second quarter of 2015, but it will be available for pre-order towards the end of this year.





Images: CNet/Via: PressRelease



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