DoCoMo C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt is a heart rate monitor

C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt Runtastic app

Docomo C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt

DoCoMo, the Japanese telecom giant has realized the importance of wearable technology and its future prospects, and therefore stepped into it at the right time. Their C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt made using the hitoe technology that employs a nanofiber e-textile marked by Goldwin Inc. (sportswear manufacturing unit). Which means that the t-shirt measures the wearer’s heart rate and then provide all the analysis on the compatible smartphone app.

To make this happen, there is a hitoe Transmitter 01 device hooked on to the C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt. To accurately read heart rate data from the user’s body the shirt has to fit snugly on the user, therefore it can be regarded as a skin tight t-shirt too. Not a good news for people who have lot of fat on their body as it will be exemplified by this shirt.

C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt Runtastic app

Runs with Runtastic app for smartphone

This will work in consign with the Runtastic service by DoCoMo, jointly developed by Austrian fitness app provider Runtastic. The app will have six different versions – running, jogging, biking, squatting, push-ups, pull-ups and sit-ups. Along with that the user can choose from more than 30 training programs. The service is going to cost 350 Yen per month and the app will be compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

Anyways, the heart rate monitoring shirt will be sold by DoCoMo at a price tag of $100 for the shirt and another $100 for the hitoe Transmitter 01 device, making it a $200 deal. The half sleeve t-shirt will come in three colors – red, black and blue in S, M, L, XL sizes. And if you are wondering about its waterproofing credentials, then let me tell you that the shirt is good to wash 100 times on gentle settings and the hitoe Transmitter 01 device is water resistant too.

C3fit IN-pulse smart shirt Runtastic app

Taking fitness tracking to the next level

Source: Docomo/Goldwin



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