New lifelike Toshiba android – Another step towards creating social robots


Japanese are obsessed with the idea of creating perfect lifelike robots. A new lifelike android from Toshiba is another step towards the future of robotics. This android, a beautiful female who can greet you, speak Japanese or communicate through sign language, will be showcased this week at CEATEC JAPAN 2014. This android is the result of conjunction of Toshiba with aLab Inc, Osaka University, Shebaura Institute of Technology. Japan has already established its name as a renowned inventor of humanoid robotics; the robots which mimic human movements, speech, activities etc. There are already football-playing robots, robots that can play violin, or could sing.


This one gained attention for its increased human-like appearance. It can blink its eyes as well. It’s a small feature, but it matters to make it more human-like. The idea, here, is to develop more human-like caressing robotic assistants to the elderly, especially those suffering with dementia or with other similar disorders.

The present android is just a basic model. Toshiba is planning to integrate many other advanced and useful technologies to create a better commercial version. Speech synthesis and speech recognition technologies are in the priority list. Of course, American Sign Language an essential. It’s the potential commercial market for Japan.

Towards the end of year 2020, Toshiba intends to introduce to the world a more social robot that’ll compensate for the lack of social support and essential assistance. In nutshell, the world is going to see a dream come true; perfect pre-programmed companions for a variety of uses including recreational, physical labor, nursing etc.


However, there is a bad news for those who earn from physical labor. The receptionists are more likely to see sophisticated robotic substitutes. Rather, Toshiba is planning to experiment with the idea anytime in the coming year.

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