Would you buy smartphone compatible HTC Re Camera for $200?

HTC has ventured out from its comfort zone and revealed a standalone Android and iOS digital camera that makes it easy to take pictures and shoot videos in a jiffy. HTC Re Camera is a compact little camera that extends the range to which you can click photos and made for normal geeks like you. It is positioned somewhere between a GoPro and your smartphone camera. It looks like an inverted inhaler, periscope or perhaps a cigar; and looks a bit odd to be frank since it has a roundish design that is more like a cylinder.

The camera has an ultra-wide 146 degree fixed focus lens with a 16 megapixel Sony CMOS sensor that can shoot 1080p videos (at 30 frames per second) and slow motion 720p videos (at 120 frames per second). The 820mAh battery makes sure that you shoot 1 hour and 40 minutes of continuous 1080p video or 1,200 still images before another recharge. You can be content with the 8GB microSD that comes with the camera or go for the 128GB microSD card option.

HTC Re Camera has no power button and its motion detector turns on the camera as soon as you pick it up. Nor does it have any viewfinder, and has a shutter button under your thumb which captures images with single press and starts recording videos with a long press. Another button on front of the camera puts it in slow-motion mode. The only way to know what the camera is doing is by checking out the LED lights that indicate recording by blinking red or slow motion recording if the LED is blue.

It is waterproof to a depth of 1meter for 30 meters which means you can shoot your underwater adventures too. HTC says that the Re Camera will come with accessories that will attach it to your bike handlebar, strap to backpack or clip onto windows to take time-lapse videos.

HTC Re Camera carries a price tag of $200 and is going to be available in the U.S. later this month. It will come in four color options – orange, blue, teal and white. But spending that much money for a camera that is just an extension of your smartphone camera is not that wise since you can get a GoPro camera for the same amount or even less.

Source: HTC



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