This ingenious 3D printed gun shoots out paper planes!

Gun that shoots paper planes

How can we forget the good old paper planes that set our imagination high and gave us one more reason to soar high in the sky? Seeking for a way to capture our dreams. Paper planes that defined our childhood and in a way taught us unconsciously all about the right balance and aerodynamic design. One modern day junkie decided to take help of 3D printing and come up with one of the most intuitive DIY that I have seen thus far. Youtube user [Papierfliegerei] made a paper plane shooting gun using German 3D printing website and help from the internet.

The bloke has made this ingenious machine gun that loads plain paper and then as you fire, the gun folds the paper magically into paper plane and shoots it out. And it does the task in the blink of the eye and sprays out paper planes just like magic. This guy is a genius I’m sure and is looking for a way to crowd-fund this design of his.
I’m sure there will be many takers for such a gun that can shoot paper planes like bullets from a gun. A good gift for your kids this Christmas perhaps!

Via: Sploid



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