Student club breaks land speed record, rocket-powered model car hits 500mph

Rocket powered car

A club of aspiring young engineers, all 11-17 years of age, in Nottinghamshire might have set a world record for land speed with their rocket-powered model car. The car attained a speed of 478.1mph,and surpassed the previous record of 287mph. The previous record was set in 2011 by a model rocket car dubbed the SST-3B-Falcon, created by 18-year-old Samvir Thandi, a student at The Heathland School, Hounslow, UK.

The group is waiting for the confirmation of the fact that they have actually set a world-record. Most of all, NASA has already sent a congratulation note to the students at this remarkable achievement of theirs.

land speed record broken

All the members are school students at Joseph Whitaker School, Nottinghamshire. The club includes very dedicated and passionate inventors, and it’s not easy to get entry to it. First of all, any student who wishes to join the club, would have to submit a written request letter explaining why he/she should be included in the club.

One of their teachers, Phil Worsley, confirmed that these students are hell of a dedicated team. They would meet five days a week and spend minimum three hours together , sharing ideas and inventing stuff. The team of students, who were behind this achievement, includes four girls and 14 boys.

Via: Telegraph



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