Aerodynamic Art – Fabian Oefner sprays Ferrari California T with UV paint

Fabian Oefner sprays Ferrari California T with UV paint

When art meets exquisite design with a twist of technology, then magic happens. What you are about to see is completely whimsical as Fabian Oefner (renowned artist from Switzerland) makes Ferrari California T Grand Touring convertible his canvas. Combined with the visually appealing properties of UV paint and the aerodynamic design of Ferrari California T, Fabian managed to amaze everyone with his unique art. As a part of the State of the Art project that looks into the science behind every phenomenon related to autos, this one came out brilliantly.

Fabian Oefner sprays Ferrari California T with UV paint

Fabian tested the art on a miniature Ferrari California T model in the wind tunnel and after deciding on the method to spray paint, he set out on doing the final bit. Spraying Ferrari California T with UV paint in a controlled manner and showing the design aesthetics of this grand touring convertible.

It took Fabian a lot of time to think about the mix of UV paint and the manner in which he was going to spray the paint from pipes so as to create a visually appealing show. The idea seemed to click well and he managed to amaze us all too!

# Behind the scenes of the project

# Ferrari California T

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