Amp case enhances the sound quality and battery life of your iPhone

Amp iPhone case by SoundFocus

Amp iPhone case by SoundFocus

Do you want to add some extra bass and boost the sound quality of your iPhone? If yes, then the Amp case is just for you. Created by SoundFocus, a San Francisco-based startup, it is an iPhone case that also doubles as an external speaker, thus enhancing the listening experience of the user. Equipped with stereo speakers on the top and at the bottom, the Amp case comes with an external battery too that can increase the battery life of your phone by almost 25 percent. The Amp case has been created by collecting and analyzing data from over 150,000 user surveys. Different frequencies are tested for the user by the SoundFocus app and finally an accurate audio playback is tailored.

Amp iPhone case by SoundFocus

Amp iPhone case comes with external speakers

The device is set simply by plugging in the headphones and marking high, medium and low-frequency tones in each ear. Once calibrated, Amp can be accurately customized to any hearing loss that the user would have picked over years. To modify the sound, user can turn on the audio boosts which promises enhanced depth and clarity. The omni-directional microphone and speakers makes your iPhone ideal for group calls. The Amp case also comes with a noise cancellation feature.

Amp iPhone case by SoundFocus

Amp iPhone case is equipped with external battery also

Currently, the company is working out with Apple for the approval of using the Lightning port as an alternative to the headphone jack. This will allow Amp to come with full digital audio. The Amp iPhone case by SoundFocus will be shipping in spring of 2015 with a price tag of $129. However, interested customers can pre-order one right now for $69 only.

Amp iPhone case by SoundFocus

Amp iPhone case can be pre-ordered for $69

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