Apple Watch features on Vogue China cover to enhance brand value

Apple Watch Vogue China cover

Apple Watch 18-karat yellow gold

Apple Watch just got featured on the cover page of Vogue China as 26-year-old Liu Wen, Victoria’s Secret Angel, Estee Lauder spokesmodel wore the 18-karat yellow gold Apple Watch having red leather strap along with the Celine striped knit tunic skirt. And there is valid reason for Apple to get the smartwatch featured on Chinese edition of Vogue as its readership is already 1.3 million (bigger than the UK version) in less than 10 years’ time. So why did the Apple Watch feature on the cover of Vogue China edition? Well, perhaps they want to make a thumping statement about the Apple Watch as being a fashion forward wearable that compliments urban lifestyle and status.

Apple Watch Vogue China cover

Chinese model Liu Wen sporting the Apple Watch

The smartwatch also made an appearance at the Paris Fashion Week as celebrities and models embraced the premium smartwatch to add brand value to it. This is a clear strategy by Apple to position its smartwatch as a luxury product that enhances the esteem of its wearer. Deeming other smartwatches as ugly and not so trendy since they look more like a wearable computer that is too clunky to wear, Apple has invested a lot of time and money into developing a smartwatch that is good to look at.

The smartwatch is still to be launched for commercial use and it remains to be seen how the geeky section of the consumers see the Apple Watch. For now, it is clear that Apple is seeking to enhance the brand value by getting associated with celebrities and fashion houses.

Apple Watch Vogue China cover

Apple Watch featured in Vogue China edition cover

Via: Guardian



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