Air Umbrella creates air flow over the head to shelter from rain

Air Umbrella

Umbrellas are getting smarter by the day, but the basic design of an umbrella hasn’t seen a major change yet. Umbrella still have long poking tips and they still tend to flip inside out on a windy day. Not anymore – the basics of umbrella could be in for a change with the real “invisible umbrella” up for fundraising on Kickstarter. Dubbed the Air Umbrella, this is designed to take advantage of cone of jetted air to shelter from rain. Air above the head to protect from rain may sound hard to believe, but the video demo bellow shows the Air Umbrella actually works.

The Air Umbrella by designers in Nanjing, China seems a promising invention and the support it is getting on Kickstarter affirms; the umbrella has been backed to the tune of $12,709, at the time of writing, which is way past its goal of $10,000, with 10 days left to the campaign.

The Air Umbrella is scheduled to be made available in December 2015 in three different versions. Air Umbrella A will measure 30 centimeters long and is intended for women. The umbrella’s Version B will measure 50 centimeters long. Version C is customizable; it is capable of growing from 50 centimeters to 80 centimeters. While the early bird deals are over, you will now have to wait for the Air Umbrella to hit the market where it will sell somewhere between the price range of $128 to $148.

The Air Umbrella is powered by a battery to create the air flow. But sadly, the battery life on the umbrella is not too impressive. While Version A has a 15 minute backup, the Versions B and C have only 30 minutes of backup. This makes the Air Umbrella ideal only for short walks in rain. Developers claim to have tested the umbrella for protecting one or more persons from rain.

Air Umbrella-A

Air Umbrella-B

Air Umbrella-C

Via: CNet



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