Earity voice-controlled wireless earbuds, because we need them

Earity Voice Controlled Wireless Earbud

Music lovers hate bulky headphones and tangled cables, as they kill all the mood of listening to their favorite music. Well, the misery is finally over as the first voice controlled wireless earbud is here. Christened Earity, the lightweight wireless earphones comes with a long lasting battery, incredible voice commands and crystal clear audio. Designed to deliver freedom of movement, unparalleled sound quality and comfort, Earity wireless earphones won’t let anything come between you and your music. Not only that, the voice controlled wireless earbud easily pairs with a smartphone and offers destruction free conversations. The technology was designed in an effort to reduce the number of road accidents and injuries caused due to the use of cell phones while driving.

Earity comes with a flexible design that has been developed to keep you moving. The design ensures that the device comfortably stays in place, allowing the user to get involved in all the crazy stuff. Besides that, the wireless earbud promotes safe driving. It informs the user about an incoming phone call by telling him the name of the person. Depending on your choice, you can either accept or reject the phone calls by just saying yes or no. The 20 days battery life of the wearable ensures that you don’t get any interruption in your music.

Earity voice controlled wireless earbud

The compact design of the Earity wireless earphones makes it easy to fit in your pocket. The storage capsule automatically starts charging the device as you place it in inside. The Earity project is currently on Indiegogo and is hoping to raise a goal of $50,000 to take it to the production stage. You can pre-order one for yourself for just $79 with delivery expected in January 2015.

Thanks Maksym Vysochanskiy

Earity voice controlled wireless earbud

Earity voice controlled wireless earbudEarity voice controlled wireless earbud



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