.klatz smartwatch doubles as a comfortable handset for your smartphone

.klatz smartwatch and handset

.klatz smartwatch and handset

With growing possibilities in the field of wearable technology, we tend to come across latest smart wearable gadgets almost every day. .klatz, a smart and innovative bracelet is another example of the technology that focusses on making people’s life simpler and better. .klatz is basically a smartwatch that comes with a LED screen. However, that’s not all, the smart bracelet also doubles as a comfortable handset for your smartphone. Though smartwatches are cool and some of them let you take calls too, but holding your wrist up to your ear seems a little awkward. However, the .klatz smart bracelet offers a more elegant and cool approach. You can simply slip it from your wrist and flip it open to accept calls.

Inspired by minimal art, the stylish looking bracelet is made from lightweight but strong aluminum material to protect it from scratches. The display features 384 LEDs built from 12 X 32 light emitting diodes. The .klatz smart bracelet allows you to control music and also provides you notifications such as SMS, incoming calls and emails. Safe for your skin, its internal parts are designed using hypo-allergenic soft touch material. The device promises a long battery life that can last up to 10 days. This fashionable accessory is available in four bracelet sizes and a choice of Black & Red colors.

.klatz smartwatch and handset

.klatz smartwatch is available in red and black colors

Currently on Indiegogo to raise a funding goal of $140,000, the .klatz smartwatch and handset can be pre-ordered for a pledge of $99. The estimated shipping date is in April 2015 with an expected retail price of $139.

.klatz smartwatch

.klatz smartwatch is currently on Indiegogo



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