ALERT military airship concept – New generation of dirigibles

ALERT military airship concept 6

Flying fortresses are not far away from actualization of existence. A new military airship, ALERT, revives the famous scenes from movie Avengers and Captain America Vintage Solider showing a giant, invisible flying airships, big enough to carry SHIELD headquarters. The airship is equipped with almost every facility from labs to prisons. Charles Bombardier’s ALERT airship design is intended to provide flying infrastructural needs in regions where it’s absolutely missing and is equably to tough to establish some. Specifically talking, the Northwest Passage in Arctic Ocean, which was opened in 2010 as a viable route, is in dire need of infrastructure as the demand of transportation facilities. At the same time, the passage in the region also lack rescue means and security. The Alert Airship is originally the brainchild of designer Jan Metelka

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ALERT is made for long range transportation and could go on flying for over 5,000 nautical miles. Meanwhile, it can carry 200 tons, which might include military utilities, labs, cargo etc. that could included anything like military trucks, snow groomers. The space inside the ship could be modified in accordance with the need of the mission like house living quarters, surveillance rooms, passenger cabins etc.

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This new entrant into the futuristic generation of dirigibles is equipped with ultra-advance materials and technology such as variable buoyancy and advance flight controls.

The airship is delivered upto 2000 hp with four Pratt & Whitney PT6 turbo prop engines. Scimitar propellers would provide the necessary propulsion. While landing, the propellers would soften the landing by pivoting on axis like the Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey. However, the designer has left the choice of engine an open option.
ALERT military airship concept2

Of course, something needed to fight the ice build-up, therefore, the fabric cover of the ship is treated with superhydrophobic coating along with featuring de-icing, de-icing fluid nozzles,a nd infrared heating for the same purpose.

Under the airship are  incorporated four hovering fans which would facilitate a soft landing. Perhaps, tilting turboprops would replace them in the final design.

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