Quadcopter shooting fireworks at human target is quite scary!

Quadcopter shooting fireworks

Quadcopter shooting fireworks onto a human target!

While others go preparing scary costumes for Halloween, you might consider doing something different. Probably, some fireworks shooting from a drone onto the crazily dressed people on the Halloween night. Or maybe, paintballs shooting from a BB gun planted on-board a quadcopter! The former is a reality, as a crazy bunch of geeks from Muskoka in Ontario, Canada took a drone, mounted fireworks on it and coupled it up with a mechanism that shoots them on to the target on will. The target being, human flesh protected by just a helmet, t-shirt and shorts. Now that is very much up high on that craziness meter folks!

They call it the FPV Quadcopter – Gun Cam and the way this thing shoots fireworks, it is very scary to imagine if it were a turret gun, crossbows or some other deadly weapon on-board.

The video is a combination of the clip shot from the quadcopter camera, third person view and the camera mounted on the helmet itself. This is downright insane as these folks embark the probability of getting seriously injured or burnt.

But, as we know the world is filled with geeks who can’t get enough of the adrenalin rush and seek for new ways to get the kick.

One word of caution though, don’t try this at home. Even if you decide to, make sure it is done in a safe environment or with props that don’t induce any serious injury.



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