Personal Carrier Robot – Automated electric wheelchair with collision avoidance system

Personal Carrier Robot wheelchair by Aisin Seiki

Aisin Seiki has developed a robotic wheelchair in collaboration with Chiba Institute of Technology and other companies including Nippon Signal Co Ltd. Under the Project for Practical Applications of Personal Care Robots. The wheelchair christened as Personal Carrier Robot can go at a top speed of 10km/h and is completely safe courtesy its collision avoidance system based on 3D range image camera, laser range sensors and a compatible software that does all the calculation.

The robotic wheelchair is controlled with a joystick and the collision avoidance system calculates the risk based on the distance of the object in its projected course. The wheelchair is aimed for elderly in Japan who are in desperate need of health care systems that are completely automated.

Aisin Seiki showed-off this robotic wheelchair at CEATEC Japan 2014 and many other technologies aimed for the future. Apparently it is the first time ever that Aisin Seiki showed-off their technologies at CEATEC Japan 2014.

Source: Aisin Via: Nikkei



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