Connected carry-on smart bag will revolutionize the way we travel

bluesmart smart bag

Given the amazingly fascinating things technology is making available for us, it was just about time someone thought of innovating the suitcase. And just when a Bluesmart hit Indiegogo with a suitcase it claims is the “world’s first smart, connected carry-on”, the result was that the Bluesmart suitcase reached its $50,000 in just two hours and one minute. The smart bag comes with a host of features at a price tag of $235 ($195 for early birds).

The suitcase includes a GPS tracker, so that you can keep a track of where your luggage is. Perhaps, Bluesmart bag is not the first to integrate GPS, but what sets this apart from the other tech-embedded bags is that this connects to a mobile app and lets you keep track of your bag. Further, it allow the Bluesmart to be locked and unlocked digitally and let users have information of track routes and travel data.

Interestingly, the connected carry-on has a built-in battery, which provides enough power to juice up six mobile devices on the go. The suitcase also has a scale built-in, which tells you how much weight you’re carrying just by lifting the bag off the ground. The creators have a functional prototype of the Bluesmart suit case ready and they expect to ship the first smart bag by mid-2015.

bluesmart smart bag-1

bluesmart smart bag-2

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