Core Jewels One – NFC enabled diamond ring makes you a digital diva

Core jewels NFC diamond ring

NFC-enabled diamond ring

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and in this tech savvy era it should stay the same. Probably that is why a Tokyo-based jewelry maker Core Jewels has amalgamated the goodness of shining bright diamond ring with the modern technology of NFC (near field communication). Christened as One, the NFC-enabled diamond ring can be used by the user to unlock private information by just hovering it over the object. For example it can be used to unlock private files like pictures or video clips stored in the cloud. In the future it is expected to be used for making e-money payments, unlock smartphones or other functions too.

The diamond ring is compatible with computers, Android and iOS mobile devices and according to Masanori Yamazaki, a representative of TSLJ it will have support for other device platforms as well. The Core Jewels One will come in price ranges of up to $3670 which might seem quite expensive, but will definitely make you a class apart from the others.

TSLJ will start taking orders for One diamond ring from next week and the expected delivery to the buyers is going to be in December 2014.

Credit: WSJ



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