Tech start-up unveils world’s first real hoverboard

Hendo hoverboard by Arx Pax

Hendo hoverboard by Arx Pax

If you have been waiting for a real hoverboard since watching one in 1989 sci-fi movie Back to the Future Part II, then your wait it finally over. Arx Pax, a tech start-up from Los Gatos, California have unveiled the world’s first hoverboard. Named Hendo hoverboard, the working prototype uses four disc shaped hover engines for maximum lift and stability. It uses electromagnetic energy which pushes against itself, generating the lift which levitates the board off the ground. The current prototype of Hendo (company’s 18th) can hover about one inch off the ground carrying two average people for about 15 minutes.

Well, currently the Hoverboard is only capable of floating over surfaces made of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. So, either you can find such a place to hover or can come to company’s planned hoverpark for a ride. Engineers and scientists at Arx Pax have been working with hover technology and magnetic field architecture from past two years to find a better way to build, move people and materials. Arx Pax founder Greg Henderson explained that the company have discovered a far efficient way to transmit electromagnetic technology. Thus, their patent-pending Hendo Hover Engine technology can enable platforms to hover over non-ferrous materials with payloads of any size and weight.

Hendo hoverboard by Arx Pax

world’s first real hoverboard

The company is also offering a development kit called Whitebox+, a floating device that can be controlled through your iPhone or Android phone. It will give you about 12-15 minutes of hover with a charge time of about 2 hours. The Hendo Hoverboard project is currently on Kickstarter and is looking for $250,000 funding goal for the production. You can get one floating Hendo Hoverboard for yourself by shelling out $10,000 and a developer’s kit with one hover engine inside for $299. If that’s too much, you can also simply reserve a five-minute hoverboard ride at Arx Pax for $100.

Hendo hoverboard by Arx Pax

Hendo hoverboard float over surfaces made of non-ferrous metals

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