Health and fitness tracker that hooks onto your clothes

Activity Meter Body Fit iPhone

With wearable gadgets becoming ever popular with the geek users, companies worldwide are looking to capture this niche market with their intuitive gizmos that add style and fulfill modern day requirements of demanding users. Wearable gadgets coming from the Far East are always expected to be a bit different and intuitive, and this Activity Meter Body Fit iPhone gizmo is no different. This little coin-sized wearable gadget hooks onto your clothes like a mic or can be used as a wristband too. The purpose? Well, it quite predictably is a fitness tracker, Sleep analyzer and activity meter that keeps you updated about all your fitness related issues.

Activity Meter Body Fit iPhone

The sensors in this wearable gadget calculate the number of steps you walk, calories burned, sleep rate and the sleep time for a complete health and fitness tracking. Via the compatible app, user can keep track of what’s happening and if there are any changes needed.

Activity Meter Body Fit iPhone

This battery-powered gadget weighs just 9 grams and has a diameter of 27mm. The battery included in the pack runs for around 6-8 months depending on usage and can be replaced easily by opening the back panel.

Activity Meter Body Fit iPhone

Activity Meter Body Fit can be yours for 2980 Yen (USD $28) which is quite a nominal price for wearable gadget when we compare them to other wearables providing same functionality. The gadget is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones which covers most of the mobile devices currently available.



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