Aposematic Jacket wards-off attacker and records the scene in 360 degrees view

Aposematic Jacket

Aposematic Jacket has camera embedded into the fabric to record any attacks

When we talk about wearable technology the first thing that comes to mind is a sleek looking gizmo. This odd but futuristic looking men’s suit is something different however. Developed by Shinseungback Kimyonghun, this fashion crazy suit called Aposematic Jacket might not win you many ladies, but in the event of a sudden attack or attempt of theft, it will definitely come handy. They deem it as a wearable computer for self-defense since it is loaded with lenses that give off a warning signal and vocal message “I can record you”.

The jacket has loads of lens, a camera, WiFi module, battery pack embedded into the fabric and a Raspberry Pi controller to do the fancy video shooting and initiating the distress message. The jacket measures 15 x 60 x 70 cm in total and is designed by Jehee Sheen.

Whether or not the wearer gets distracted and flees away is a matter of chance, but surely it gives them something to think about. When the person wearing it pushes the record button, the jacket starts recording the whole scene in 360 degrees view and instantly sends those images to the web.

Aposematic Jacket

The jacket has Raspberry Pi controller to actuate the trigger for distress signal and camera recording

Right now Aposematic Jacket looks to be a one-off piece and it is not clear whether the designer has plans to commercially produce it any time soon.

Something straight out of the James Bond movie scenes, but I doubt how practical it is going to be in a real life situation.



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