Wireless Vivo home audio speaker system has a unique triangular design

Wireless Vivo home audio system

Wireless Vivo home audio system

It’s been a very long time since we saw an impressively designed audio system that has other functionality as well. Have a look at this triangular-shaped audio system dubbed as Vivo which doubles as an intercom too. Designed by Quirky user Kansas, this audio system has detachable WiFi speakers and a touchscreen hub for a very intuitive interface for the end user. The audio system can be toggled between normal single-unit mode and Hi-Fi mode which is great for home audio.

Wireless Vivo home audio system

The audio system has a unique design

The audio system measures 17.78” L x 4.24” W x 4.24” H in total and is made from aluminum plastic material for a very sleek look. The pricing or availability of this speaker system is not yet known as the maker is looking for valid price quotes from the users and the ways to mass produce it.

Wireless Vivo home audio system

The triangular design gives it an aesthetic appeal

As Kansas has stated in the design page itself, the price and features are subject to change production process and you can have more details on the same by jumping on to the product page.

Wireless Vivo home audio system

It’s quite handy to carry

Source: Quirky



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