Pinholo inspired Pinhole camera made from Lego brick

Pinholo Lego pinhole camera

Lego bricks have been used for making n number of gadgets and other things. And the obsession is not going to die soon for these building bricks that have shaped the millennia. Be it a child or grown-up, Legos have always captured the imagination of creative blokes around the globe. This time around it is a pinhole camera made from a 2×2 stud Lego brick designed by Ryan Howerter who is a graphic design student at CSU. He calls it the Lego Pinhole Camera inspired by Pinholo and to make things look interesting he has the picture of a tree held by a Lego guy.

Pinholo Lego pinhole camera

To cover the bottom of Lego brick Ryan has applied tape and it has a brass shim with a pinhole cut into it. Ryan wanted to venture out on a DIY project with Legos that had some practical use.
According to him the most challenging part of this project was to get out the picture without over or under exposing the paper or film. The image held by the minifig Lego was taken with about 10-seconds of exposure.

Ryan has plans to open an art gallery for minifig-scale photography where minifigs will contemplate the artwork on display as the people watch them with their magnifying glasses and enjoy the detail of photos.

Pinholo Lego pinhole camera

Source: Flickr Via: CNet



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