Alienware Area 51 gaming PC with a truly other-worldly ergonomic design

Dell Alienware Area 51 gaming PC

Dell Alienware Area 51 gaming PC with triad-design

The thumping Alienware Area 51 gaming PC from Dell is finally going to be available for purchase from October 28, which is today. This one hell of a designed gaming desktop comes with a high-end processor and chipset from Intel and new generation desktop graphics card from Nvidia. The Alienware Area 51 is a hexagonal shaped CPU having triad-design that has an Intel Haswell-E 6- and 8-core processors for unmatchable gaming performance teamed up with ultra-HD 4K display.

# Alienware Area 51 gaming PC teaser

The PC is designed in such a way that it aids maximum cooling since it pushes the chassis up to allow hot air to escape and has enough space inside to accommodate three full-fledged GPUs (Nvidia or AMD) and up to five hard drives.

Dell Alienware Area 51 gaming PC

Ergonomic design for persistent air-flow

To make things interesting there is a user-controlled light show in nine separate zones which is controlled using the AlienFX software. The lights can be configured in any of the 512 trillion color options or the 75+ games developed with the built-in AlienFX API to automatically control them. You can also choose to program the lights to glow and blink in set patterns.

Dell Alienware Area 51 gaming PC

Enough space to add extra GPU and hard drives

The high powered desktop system is going to be available from a starting price of USD $1699 for the six-core Intel Core i7-5820K processor, a 2GB AMD RadeonTM R9 270 GPU, 8GB of RAM, 2TB 7,200RPM DDR4 hard drive and a slot-loading DVD burner. Anything that you decide to add to this configuration will cost you even more.

Dell Alienware Area 51 gaming PC

Amazing light show for the CPU

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