Alien Samurai – A mechanical mobile robot made from car parts

Alien Samurai mechanical robot

It’s been in vogue in China, but it seems the Siberians are catching up with the fad. Yes, the monstrous yet exciting electro-mechanical mobile robot is not from any Chinese DIY-ers workshop, instead it is a work of 32-year-old mechanic and welder Sergei Kulagin from Divnogorsk town in Siberia. Dubbed the Alien Samurai, the robot is made from car and other automobile parts.

Electro-mechanical robot – Alien Samurai, is made from junk, but the bot is capable of moving around autonomously to scare just about every pulse in the body. Sergei Kulagin works at an automobile service station as a mechanic and has created over twenty such magnificent robotic sculptures from auto parts in his non-working hours.

Alien Samurai mechanical robot-1jpg

Alien Samurai mechanical robot-2

Via: Yahoo/DesignYouTrust



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