Sony Xperia Aquatech Store – World’s first underwater electronics store opening in Dubai

Sony Xperia Aquatech Store Dubai

Sony is very confident about the waterproofing capabilities of its smartphones like Xperia Z1S and waterproof MP3 player that is why it has gone one step ahead in promoting its waterproof products. They are going to open the world’s first Xperia Aquatech Store in Dubai on 3 December 2014 which is going to be located four meters below the surface on seabed. This unique strategy of marketing their flagship Xperia models that are waterproof, is quite ingenious as it is definitely going to lure-in prospect buyers.

So once the store is going to be opened, how are people going to reach the store itself? Sony have got that sorted out as they are going to escort the shoppers with trained divers to the store and once inside it the shoppers can enjoy shopping for their favorite Sony Xperia models amidst scenic underwater space.

Sony is definitely going to strengthen their water resistant gadget market with this move as the shoppers will have one exhilarating experience that they’ll never forget.

Sony Xperia Z tablet

According to Rüediger Odenbach, Vice President of Sony Mobile Middle East and Africa

We have taken the bold step of creating The World’s First Xperia Aquatech Store, which will offer a number of our customers and guests an exhilarating and unforgettable experience, once again highlighting Xperia’s passion for innovation in the smartphone market.

Source: XperiaBlog



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