Simulate your own death with Samadhi – 4D Death Simulator

4d death simulator

Different people have different fantasies of death and life after death. The Samadhi – 4D Experience of Death Simulator in China is giving people an innovative way to experience both. It is basically a game which claims to satiate a person’s curiosity of death and after-death life without killing in the real sense. Set up in an unusual new theme park in Shenzhen, China, the 4D Death Simulator is a gloomy escape room (womb-like pod) which uses hot air and light projections to create a real-like experience of burning.

The cremation ride brings people closes to imagine (experience) an experience of death. The game requires the person to climb into a coffin, which is then pushed into the morbid furnace by an attendant. The specially created burning capsule wouldn’t burn the person into ash, instead will bake in uncomfortable 40 degrees, which will give you a sense of burning.

The spokesman at the park assures that the ride is completely safe and is just a mock up to simulate the odd fantasies. The cremation ride costs RMB 249 (approx. $40), for a single go.

Via: CNN



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