The eTree: Solar-powered free Wi-Fi and gadget charger from Sologic

eTree –  Solar-powered free Wi-Fi

An Israeli company Sologic recently installed the very first eTree prototype in the Ramat Hanadive pubic gardens in Zichron Ya’acov. It’s a marvelous concept to establish a multipurpose, solar-powered public rest place where people will receive free Wi-Fi under the shade of same solar panel canopy that generates the electricity. Not just that, but it will let you juice up your gadget batteries through provided USB ports. At night, it’ll lit the place and power the water coolers for human and animals as well, and all of it will be powered completely by the energy generated by the solar panels.

The company is planning to install two more eTrees very soon, one in Nice and the other in Shanghai. The company envisions such establishments equipped with monitors and camera too. There is a number of other such tasks that this green energy generation hub could accomplish.


To ensure safety and durability of the internal mechanism, the company has taken appropriate measure following expert advice from professionals. There is a concrete box that encloses all the internal electrical mechanism and requires a key to open. It protects the whole structure from bad weather and vandalism while the maintenance costs are also very low. All it would ask is cleaning of solar panels in four or five months and changing battery water every year. In future, better, maintenance batteries would cut the later.

eTree –  Solar-powered free Wi-Fi 4

The vision of the company is to see eTree installments at every park, campus, courtyards etc. Inclusion of benches would let people rest and meanwhile plug-in to eTree for charge and Wi-Fi. What is wonderful about this concept is the blend of environmental concern along with being a social enterprise.

eTree –  Solar-powered free Wi-Fi 5

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