Peugeot-Micro HYbrid Kick electric scooter for urban commuters

HYbrid Kick Peugeot Micro

HYbrid Kick Peugeot-Micro

Peugeot and Micro have collaborated to come up with an electric kick scooter christened as Hybrid Kick that is perfect for urban commuting. This folding electric scooter designed by Céline Venet can also be considered as a skateboard for modern urban commuting in crowded spaces. The electric bike is designed in such a way that it fits easily into the trunk of a car or can be carried with ease anywhere anytime courtesy the intelligently designed battery section and lightweight motor. Coming from such elite brands, the design has been given picture perfect execution and is surely going to attract young and middle-aged buyers.

HYbrid Kick Peugeot Micro

Electric scooter with a ultra-lightweight frame design

The smart electric assist system of the Peugeot-Micro HYbrid Kick senses the movement every time the user kicks and activates the rear wheel into action to provide smooth acceleration forward.

HYbrid Kick Peugeot Micro

Sensor-enabled acceleration assist

At this point in time it is not clear as to what are the specifications of the electric components inside this ultra-compact electric scooter. Although it is certain that the electric scooter is going to available from June 2015.

HYbrid Kick Peugeot Micro

Portable to carry around

HYbrid Kick Peugeot Micro

Fits easily inside the trunk of your car

HYbrid Kick Peugeot Micro

Perfect for effortless urban commuting

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