Modular Paper Robot walks like an insect and should be kept away from fire!

Paper Robot ZURI

Arduino-powered Paper Robot

Robotics have taken a huge leap ever since the Japanese and Chinese geeks decided to take matters in their own hands, coming up with some unbelievable applications of robotics. German’s are not that far too and this paper robot proves the fact. Meet ZURI (a.k.a Paper Robot), a programmable modular robot that is made from paper and grey cardboard. The robot is currently in its prototype stage and can be assembled in just a matter of minutes using household tools.

Paper Robot ZURI

Modular configuration gives it complete flexibility

The robot can be controlled using PC or smartphone via the Bluetooth module for wireless control. To actuate the movement of the robot there are distance sensors, Arduino, servo motors and servo controllers.

Paper Robot ZURI

Controlled with PC or smartphone

The fact that this robot can be configured in various configurations by combining the leg and body modules gives it flexibility of usage. This very flexibility allows for different degree of freedom for varied movements.

Paper Robot ZURI

Can be assembled in minutes

The maker calls it a motion machine that can have different locomotive possibilities because of the re-configurable parts. Although, it is a very cool robotic system made from cardboard paper, therefore should be kept away from direct fire or heat. Otherwise it may just set itself on fire!

Paper Robot ZURI

The various possible configurations of Paper Robot

Paper Robot ZURI

Made from cardboard and paper material



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