Replica Destiny Thunderlord gun 3D printed, and it looks strikingly real

DIY 3D printed Destiny Thunderlord gun

3D printed Destiny Thunderlord gun

Remember Thunderlord, the exotic machine gun from the addictive FPS game Destiny? Well, Kirby Downey, an avid DIY’er and 3D printing enthusiast has come up with his own replica version of the Destiny Thunderlord machine gun, and it is quite impressive I must say. The gun consists of 45 different parts all of which are 3D printed with three different materials- PLA, Ninjaflex and carbon fiber. To be precise, the main body and bullet belt is made from PLA thermoplastic, stock made from Ninjaflex filament and rails made from carbon fiber material. The gun is a replica and doesn’t fire any rounds, thankfully.

This DIY requires around 3-4 hours to make and carries a level 4 complexity on a scale of 5. So, venture out on making it only if you have that artistic prowess and a steady hand. Of-course you’ll require to get the parts for the replica weapon 3D printed and get hold of some spray paint too. The machine gun measures a whooping 135cm x 33cm x 23cm and the filament alone weighs 2.5kg.

DIY 3D printed Destiny Thunderlord gun

Looks strikingly real to the Destiny Thunderlord machine gun

Kirby has been generous enough to make the design downloadable, so that you can 3D print this humongous gun.
In the game, Thunderlord gun is capable of firing 330 electrostatic rounds per minute through a 36-round drum-fed feed system.

DIY 3D printed Destiny Thunderlord gun

A closer look at the gun

DIY 3D printed Destiny Thunderlord gun

Spray-painting the body

Source: MyMiniFactory Via: 3DPrint



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