While Lenovo strikes Motorola deal, Moto 360 gold edition accidently pops-up on Amazon

Lenovo Motorola Moto 360 gold edition

Lenovo acquires Motorola

Lenovo, the largest PC maker company in the world has acquired Motorola for $2.91bn which is almost $10bn less than what Google paid for it. The deal that was announced almost a year ago is finally complete and Lenovo will pay $660m in cash and $750m in newly issued stock while the rest of the $1.5bn will be paid off in the next three years. Google will keep majority of the patents that Motorola have acquired and around 2000 patents will go to Lenovo, the reason why Google sold it for such a nominal amount.

According to Yang Yuanqing, chairman of Lenovo

Today we achieved a historic milestone for Lenovo and for Motorola – and together we are ready to compete, grow and win in the global smartphone market. By building a strong number three and a credible challenger to the top two in smartphones, we will give the market something it has needed: choice, competition and a new spark of innovation.

This partnership has always been a perfect fit. Lenovo has a clear strategy, great global scale, and proven operational excellence. Motorola brings a strong presence in the US and other mature markets, great carrier relationships, an iconic brand, a strong IP portfolio and an incredibly talented team. This is a winning combination.

Gold Moto 360 revealed accidentally

Moto 360 smartwatch

Moto 360 smartwatch in 23mm and 18mm strap option

As Lenovo gobbled-up Motorola, Amazon mistakenly revealed the Champagne gold color smartwatch as a pre-order, but as soon as it surfaced, the page was pulled out. The smartwatch is going to cost $299 and will come in two options- 23mm and 18mm strap version.

Moto 360 smartwatch gold edition

Moto 360 smartwatch gold edition

However the dial of the watch will remain the same with a minute color combination change of black and gold, and it’s just that the strapping will have a major change for the Gold edition one.

Moto 360 cognac strap

Moto 360 cognac strap edition

Yet another version of the Moto 360 with a cognac strap priced at $249 was listed on Amazon. The watch looks pretty cool and if I wanted to buy one it would be the cognac one for sure.

Source: Lenovo



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