Want to see this Lego Arkham Knight Batmobile become a reality?

Lego Arkham Knight Batmobile

Lego batmobile

Waiting keenly for the Batman: Arkham Knight action-adventure game developed by Rocksteady Studios? Then you’ll for sure like this Lego Arkham Knight Batmobile by Lego Ideas user [ItsTheJester] using the Lego Digital Designer suite (LDD), a special program for creating 3D images of your proposed Lego model. His model requires a total of 684 Lego bricks, most of which are going to be black and of-course the Batman mini-figure and a few other props to set up the scene.

Lego Arkham Knight Batmobile

Lego Arkham Knight Batmobile

He has rendered the 3D images of the Lego Arkham Knight Batmobile with a few more to come once the final rendered model is made. To get the design through he’ll require to amass at-least 10,000 supporters on Lego Ideas and then get past the final review stage which can be quite tricky. There is still a year or less let for the backers to reach that point and with over 1100 backers, it looks good to make it past the design software.

So what’s your take on this Lego idea, would you back it up and see it become a reality?

The Batmobile in 3D rendering model

Source: LegoIdeas Via: IGN



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